HEYBURN, Idaho (KLIX) – A 20-hour police standoff in Heyburn ended without injuries on Thursday, but it involved the patience of many law enforcement agencies.

The Heyburn Police Department issued a press statement on Friday about the incident, which started about 7:10 p.m. Wednesday at 1801 N. Street in Heyburn.

At that time, the Mini-Cassia Drug Task Force and the U.S. Marshal’s Office were in the process of serving an arrest warrant to 29-year-old Jeremiah Schmidt, of Pocatello, who had a felony warrant for his arrest with a $75,000 bond from the Cassia County Sheriff’s Office.

Schmidt didn't comply. Instead, he barricaded himself inside the house. “Deputies on scene reported that they heard gunshots coming from inside the residence," the news release reads. "The scene was secured and neighbors surrounding the house were evacuated for safety reasons.

“After a 20 hour standoff, Schmidt surrendered and he was taken into custody and booked into the Mini-Cassia Criminal Justice Center.”

The police department says in the statement that 14 different agencies were involved.