One of my favorite parts of living in Southern Idaho is watching other people visit here then create videos based on their experiences. This brand new video claims to be an "Ode to Idaho', but eventually leads to lots of drinking.

The Twin Falls part of the video begins around the :55 second mark. They capture Shoshone Falls in all of its glory (meaning they probably visited here in June). After that, it's some swimming and diving at Dierkes Lake.

Note: Do NOT drive with your selfie stick out the window like these people did. (*sigh*)

After they depart the Magic Valley, they arrive in what looks like Yellowstone. (They do know that's not in Idaho, right?)

The drinking part doesn't really kick in until after 3:30 into the video. Do we take that to mean that after visiting Southern Idaho, it leads one to want to drink?

No matter, it's a fun video and includes some nice footage of our part of Idaho, so thanks for that.