The Idaho House has approved a bill that would allow firearms on public university and college campuses.  The House voted 41-28 on the legislation this morning.  It would prohibit schools from banning firearms, either carried openly or by people with concealed weapons permits, anywhere on campus except in undergraduate residence halls. Guns would be allowed at athletic events. Idaho law now gives university and college presidents authority to prohibit firearms on campus. Boise State University, Idaho State University, the University of Idaho, Lewis-Clark State College and several community colleges throughout the state have adopted their own regulations to prohibit guns on campus. Republican state Representative Erik Simpson, a two-term state lawmaker from Idaho Falls, says his legislation would increase safety at the state's four public universities and community colleges because letting students, faculty or others carry guns heightens the chances they could help prevent a violent crime. the measure cleared the House with support from one Democrat, state Rep. Grant Burgoyne of Boise, and 40 of the 57 Republicans in the GOP-dominated chamber.  It now goes to the Senate.

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