Green energy may be the greatest scam ever perpetrated.  A massive transfer of wealth from poor to rich.  All are being sold under the guise of saving the planet.  Check out this link from PV magazine.  It seems like an innocuous story about the government aiding the poor with the installation of solar and wind.  Paragraph three opens with a sentence about how low-income communities can get a 70 percent credit.

Let’s offer a few thoughts.  The money is coming from the improperly named Inflation Reduction Act, which doesn’t reduce inflation but adds trillions to the national debt.  The money is either borrowed or printed and added to the dollar supply.  Devaluing the currency and inflation as a result.

Second, the government isn’t spending less.  It wants to spend even more on foreign wars.  If someone is getting a credit, then everyone else must make up the shortfall.

Third, what is a low-income community?

It’s a place where few people can afford a home.  They rent.  Often from firms like BlackRock, which has been buying tracts of homes (you will own nothing and you’ll like it).  Who gets the solar credit, the tenant or the investment firm?  Who greases candidates with campaign cash, poor tenants, or wealthy investors?

Useful idiots bought into the marketing about saving the planet.  They claim to be looking out for the poor.  Instead, we’re seeing a worldwide revival of serfdom.

The cheerleaders for big government did nothing to save the people they claimed needed help the most.  Don’t expect the lefties to ever recognize their error.  They’re not that clever.

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