It appears the world’s largest automobile makers are throwing in the towel.  Several publications are reporting the forms are backing away from the electric car craze.  Business Insider carried a story about General Motors backing off promises to make hundreds of thousands of EVs.  The Chief Financial Officer at Mercedes-Benz is calling it a bad bet.  The board rooms at Ford and especially Toyota have already sounded the alarm.  Even with generous subsidies, the electric models are losing money.  Shareholders don’t like losing.

I spend a lot of time writing about these issues because there’s a lot at stake.

The future of the planet isn’t in question.  It should be here for a few billion more years.  The future prosperity of human beings and the future of human civilization are at stake.  I’ve reviewed countless times the hurdles we face in attempting to eliminate internal combustion engines and replace the fleet with EVs.  It’s a fool’s errand and the greenies know it and can’t admit defeat.  Their pride gets in the way.  Or they’re stupid and have adopted climate change as a religion.  Ever criticize your neighbor’s choice of worship?  We’re talking fighting words.

The question now is, how quickly we should abandon the folly.  The point of no return isn’t about climate.  It’s about the quality of life.

This morning I read a story about peak hydrocarbons.  Those stories are always qualified about the need to rush headlong into fantasy land.  The guys at the International Energy Agency must be smoking some strong weed.  They’re delaying a day of reckoning.

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