BOISE, Idaho – Idaho’s attorney general has launched a new podcast series in an effort to better connect with residents and professionals across the state.

Attorney General Lawrence said in a news release the podcast, called Counsel for the State, is part of ongoing outreach efforts by his office and will help constituents, journalists and anyone with an interest in state government better understand the attorney general’s role.

The first episode, released on Tuesday, is called “AG 102.” Future episodes will address public records and open meeting law, consumer protection issues and prosecutorial ethics, among other topics.

The news release said that Assistant Chief Deputy Brian Kane also will be on the podcast, while public information officer Scott Graf will host the episodes. They can be found on iTunes, Google Play Music, Spotify and on the attorney general’s website.

“On any given day, members of my office serve as prosecutors, investigators, consumer advocates and more,” Wasden said in a news release. “The breadth of our work sometimes makes it difficult for others to understand what exactly we do. Counsel for the State will help shed light on my office and our role in state government.”

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