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According to one important source.

It’s over for now.  The worrisome drought that has plagued southern Idaho has faded away.  The U.S. Drought Monitor currently lists the region as abnormally dry.  You can see the map by clicking here.  Are we at the end of a long dry cycle?  I can’t predict the future.  How about you?  In a few weeks, we could hit another dry spell or go 80 days this summer without any rain, however.

I talk with old timers who tell me this winter isn’t an aberration.  They remember stretches of their lives where the winter we experienced was a link in a long stretch of snowy winters.

Our neighbors to the west have gone through something a little more unusual.  That could lead the climate crowd to argue that human activity created an extreme in California.  I’m sure you could look at the climate record over centuries and discover there were other moments when the Golden State was buried in snow and nearly washed into the sea.  The Donner Party experienced something akin to this winter.

There’s an old line that says to a hammer, everything looks like a nail.  I think many of the loudest climate activists are tools.  At 20 years old they’ve known little else and their world is coming to an end.  It’s a pretty convenient excuse for not accomplishing anything in life aside from pounding spikes into trees and sugar into the fuel tanks of bulldozers.

What if they’re wrong twenty years from now we still have a planet but humanity is impoverished because of green policies.  Will they apologize?  How dare you!

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