We don’t have many climate kook-a-loos in Idaho.  The ones we have mostly live in the panhandle.  There are more trees to hug and spike there than in the south.  I do hear from some of them from time to time.  They get angry when you point out the defects of electric cars and the cost of the green energy project.  To my knowledge, none of them have behaved like their European and Californian counterparts.  No clowns have walked into the state museum in Boise and smeared paintings with poop.  By curling up on the pavement, they aren’t blocking traffic on Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls.  They avoid Pocatello because, well, who doesn’t?

What’s the point of all the mischief?  You can’t possibly believe it brings you converts?  I wrote a piece for this site shortly after a crowd of lefties caused havoc outside of a new hamburger joint in Meridian.  Somehow, after some people waited three hours to sample a burger, the young Democrats thought making buyers wait another hour was clever.

You know, if the last thing you see in life are tires and an exhaust system, you also aren’t doing much for the long-term cause.

And that phone you used for the selfie just before being crushed?  It operates on energy powered by natural gas, coal, and oil.  The case is made from an oil byproduct and the components were mined by 8-year-old slaves in Congo.

Do you want to be productive and change the world?  Get a job.  Of course, you’ll be required to sacrifice a few trips to the hack sack tournaments.

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