Recall the howling media when President Trump claimed he actually won the popular vote in 2016.

we know anecdotally some illegal aliens vote

The President suggested Hillary Clinton was the beneficiary of massive voter fraud.  In defense of the President’s claim are two recent stories.

A Yale University study claims the oft repeated number of illegal aliens in the United States as 11 million is woefully off target.  The research team believes the number is double or even close to triple.  You can see more by clicking here.

Meanwhile, we know anecdotally some illegal aliens vote.  In North Carolina several were indicted and one man has been voting for decades.

About half of adult America votes in an average General Election.  If one third of 30 million illegal residents voted then we’d have an additional ten million votes.  Assuming most vote for the party of amnesty then you could conclude Hillary Clinton and maybe even Barack Obama were beneficiaries.

Trump’s claim shouldn’t be difficult for an honest media to verify.

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