Vigilance is a term often used when it comes to worries about our basic God-given rights.  Neighboring Oregon is planning another round of attack on the Second Amendment.  You can read all the details at this link provided by the Oregon Firearms Federation.An abomination labeled SB 978 attempts to force gun owners to keep firearms used for home defense locked in a safe.  Which defeats the notion of home defense.  Additionally, if someone breaks into your safe and steals some or all contents you could be the one going to prison.

The original bill is described as a few paragraphs.  Amendments attached by gun grabbing socialists total a whopping 44 pages!

The writer at Firearms Federation also warns a second bill is apparently on the way.

My working theory?  The confiscators know these proposed laws are unconstitutional, however.  If they can flood the courts with law after law after law, they can get around your rights.

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