Now that Christmas has passed, many of us are showing off some of the toys we got from Santa. Thanks to a remake of a 1984 science fiction classic, the name Idaho is once again synonymous with kicking cinematic butt.

It's been a few weeks since I watched the Dune remake that came out this past October for my second time. I grew up a big fan of the film, as well as director David Lynch. I found the newer version to be a stunning visual representation of modern-day filmmaking.

For those that haven't seen the remake or original--to make a long story short--the movie is basically about an intergalactic fight for self-preservation and power. Complete with good and bad soldiers, strange creatures, cool gadgets, and merciless killers, Dune is a wild ride that any Sci-fi fan should at least find entertaining if nothing else.

One of the main characters and defenders of what most would consider the "good side," known as House Atreides, is the character Duncan Idaho who is brought back to life on the big screen by Aquaman's Jason Momoa. Idaho is a swordsman, and one of the most popular characters in the book and film.

While the Funko Pop of Duncan Idaho isn't one of the top sellers of 2021, I still saw for myself at Walmart recently that the figure had nearly sold out. Way to go Idaho!

I'm a bit of a Funko collector myself, and at last count had somewhere around 10 or so. My Billy Gibbons, James Hetfield, and Doc Holliday Funkos grace a shelf in my home that holds some of my favorite possessions.

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