I think it's pretty ridiculous that Idahoans complain so much about Californians. Having a bad day? Blame it on California. If there is too much rain in Idaho, it's California's fault. When traffic is bad on the highway, that's all the California drivers who have recently moved here. If you slip on ice in front of your house, obviously that is also the fault of California.

Do Idahoans Really Hate California

Do we actually believe that all our problems come from California? I really hope we aren't that petty and California is really just a scapegoat when we feel the need to cast blame. But just because our issues aren't really because of California, it doesn't mean we have to like California. In fact, this post claims we hate California.

Instagram Post Shows Which States Hate Other States

On Instagram, user mattsurelee put up a survey asking fellow Instagram users to chime in about what state they hate the most. Idaho voted for California and so did eight other states. California was actually voted as the most hated state in the nation. Basically, every state in the west hates the golden state. Texas and Massachusetts each got a lot of hate from their neighbors, and a fun fact: Florida hates Florida. Also, not surprising is that New Jersey hates everyone and West Virginia (always so nice) doesn't hate anyone.

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Personally, I don't have any issues with California. I try to go there at least once a year and get in some good sunshine-filled beach days. If you do plan a trip to California be aware that the giant tunnel tree was recently blown over by a storm.

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