If you’re selling the news is good.  Buying, not so much.   Housing prices in Southern Idaho are seeing a double-digit increase.  We shouldn’t be surprised when we see construction cranes across the horizon.  Our homes may also be overvalued.

Idaho projections are for a spike in excess of 11 percent.

Details came in an email from an old friend.  He’s a tax assessor.  He shared a link from a website called corelogic.com.  Idaho and Nevada home increases are expected to be more than double the national average.

Idaho projections are for a spike in excess of 11 percent.  Nevada just over ten and Utah just below a nine percent bulge.

CoreLogic compiles data from real estate and other housing sources.

Not long ago one of the leaders of the Idaho Republican Party told me if I planned to buy in Twin Falls, buy along the Presidents streets.  Homes in the city center, he believes are undervalued and eventually will make gains because of ease for shopping and use of nearby government offices.  Space along the north side of the city is becoming scarce and likely the cause driving housing costs higher.

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