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Everything Idahoans ever suspected of Utah drivers is true.  They’re maniacs and menace behind the wheel.  Auto Evolution published a graphic sharing how dreadful drivers are in many states.  Our neighbors unable to acclimate on highways (U.T.A.H.) appear to be the fourth worst drivers in America (like you didn’t know).  Texas, Arizona, and especially Mississippi are worse.  I suspect Texans believe they own any road beneath their wheels and can’t read speed signs in other states.

Speed limits don’t appear to deter the Utah daredevils.  Especially when they’re driving through Idaho.  I remember a day I was going home from Boise and had my cruise control set at 80 miles per hour.  I got passed a lot.  Most of the speed demons were from where?  You get three guesses and the first two don’t count.

Trips to Salt Lake City for a country boy like me are white knuckles from Snowville and then south.  By the time I reach Brigham City, it’s like a demolition derby.  By Ogden, I’m begging the Lord for just one more day.

I believe there’s a difference between the Texans and the beehive types.  The Texans know they’re buttholes and simply want you to get out of the way.  The polite people of Utah simply don’t realize their keys should be taken away.

The website compiled the data by following social media.  When you consider the scattered population of the mountain west, then there are a disproportionate number of complaints about Utah, which means they could potentially be the worst.

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