ONTARIO, Oregon (KLIX) An Idaho man is alive after being hit by a car and thrown off a bridge into the Snake River Monday morning. According to Oregon State Police, Steven Bailey, 41, of Middleton, Idaho was headed west on Interstate 84 in a small SUV when he hit black ice on the bridge spanning the Snake River between Idaho and Oregon at around 6 a.m., he was not injured.

Troopers say Steven Arrasmith, 34, of Mesa, Idaho, had stopped his Jeep to see if Bailey needed help. Shortly after another car lost control on the ice and hit the back of the Jeep causing it to strike Arrasmith. The impact flung the 34 year-old over the bridge railing.


Arrasmith was able to hang onto the side of the bridge, even with serious injuries, before falling 50 feet down into the Snake River. At the time it was still dark. Police say Arrasmith managed to take off his heavier clothing and swim to a nearby island and yell for help. The man was rescued and flown to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The driver of the small car that hit the Jeep did not receive any major injuries.



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