Mainstream media has a trust issue.  While much of it was earned at the national level, I really can’t find a silver lining in Idaho.  Thursday morning I heard a story from the Associated Press.  On my radio.  It said Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin had attempted to order the Idaho National Guard to the Texas border while she was acting governor.  Flat out wrong!  See the post at the top of the page.

It fits the liberal narrative being crafted.  The one that portrays McGeachin as a loose cannon.

I don’t believe the AP story is a bald-faced lie.  It’s more likely someone is being sloppy.  It fits the liberal narrative being crafted.  The one that portrays McGeachin as a loose cannon.  It fits the liberal media narrative, so why bother checking on the facts?  This is what happens when you allow a Batman villain to write news copy.

Why not just post the communist sympathies at the top of every newspaper page, the top of every newscast, and as a disclaimer with every AP slug?  Letting people know the news media is out to chop to pieces anyone to the right of Karl Marx.

Funny, I mentioned in a previous post that a prominent Republican suggested earlier this week that Governor Little should offer Texas some of our National Guard troops.  Then McGeachin comes along and pops the question.  Little now won’t be making the offer because it would make his political rival look astute.

Voters can’t make reasoned judgments in this media climate.  But then, that’s the point, I gather.

In a few months, I’ll be hearing from a lot of old newspaper types.  When the print editions come to an expected end the jobless will be knocking on my door looking for work.  Save yourself time.  Send your resume to the propaganda ministry in some banana republic.  It’s a far better match.

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