What do you call someone who gets a ticket for talking on a telephone while driving?  A woman!

If you were a betting man, you would likely win on that answer.  Early in the summer, a law enforcement officer told me that 90 percent of the tickets issued for yapping on phones while behind the wheel are issued to women and girls.  They can’t help themselves.  It’s like the cat who sees a glass of water near the edge of a counter.  The cat can’t resist pushing it over.

In a previous post I wrote about women and driving, I mentioned I was a teenager before I realized my mom wasn’t born with a telephone attached to an ear!  Some Karin fumed in response that the worst drivers were young men.

I’ve got news for her.  If the young guys survive their early driving years, they grow into responsible men on the road.  They don’t incessantly yap on their phones.  They also know how to use a turn signal.  The latter appears to elude some women I’ve recently observed.  The latest occurred just yesterday.  A female braked suddenly ahead of me and then made a right turn without signaling.  I could tell because I could see her as she made the move.  This is my fourth such experience in less than a week.

I received this message from an acquaintance after I vented in a video:

Before electronic turn signals, generally left arm up meant right turn. Arm straight out meant left turn. However, for a woman driver, It only meant that the window was open.

I’d say that sums it up.  If you want safer roads, take the keys away from your wives and daughters.

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