“Audacity, more audacity, always audacity!”  This is a quote from Georges Jacques Danton.  He was a French revolutionary.  The quote is sometimes attributed to Frederick the Great, a former King of Prussia.

Once again, she’s upstaged Governor Brad Little while he’s out of town and she’s constitutionally serving as acting governor.

It’s not simply a saying, it could be the motto of Idaho Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin.  Once again, she’s upstaged Governor Brad Little while he’s out of town and she’s constitutionally serving as acting governor.  On Tuesday, she issued an executive order banning vaccine mandates in the workplace.  Little, aware this impacts some of his large campaign donors, plans a reversal when he returns Wednesday night.  He went to Texas and joined nine other Republican Governors on an inspection tour of the porous southern border.

When you meet Janice McGeachin, she comes across as a calm presence.  There’s nothing placid about Idaho’s Iron Lady.  Her existence alone inflames liberal media and establishment Republicans.

While Little hasn’t yet announced his re-election plans, she will most likely lead a pack of Republicans looking to take his job.  The primary is scheduled for May.

McGeachin also suggests sending Idaho National Guard to aid in the border crisis.  It impacts us locally.  Just last week, Little told Lawrence Jones from Fox News Channel we’re seeing more drugs from Mexico on our streets.  One leading Republican told me before this latest statehouse controversy erupted that it would be wise for Little to offer the use of our Guard resources.  The same Republican will no doubt now develop amnesia and tell me how McGeachin is completely off her rocker.

Next week, she gets to play the role of martyr.  She faces a contempt allegation because she was slow in releasing records from her critical race theory task force to the media jackal pack.  Liberal media is salivating over the names of citizens who shared their concerns about indoctrination in classrooms.  Reporters shouldn’t allow their personal allegiances to socialist causes to impact their judgment.  Grab your popcorn.  The next eight months before the primary will be quite a show.

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