United States Senator Mike Crapo wants another six years.  The Republican told Newsradio 96.1 and 1310 KLIX he’s going to seek another term.  He made the announcement Wednesday morning.  Crapo had been chairman of the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs before his party lost its majority last year.  All polling data suggests Republicans will again gain control of the Senate going into 2023.  The Senator would resume the chairmanship.

He told the host of Magic Valley This Morning he believes the committee is currently the most important in the upper chamber.

Democrats Have a Radical Agenda

Crapo warned Senator Chuck Schumer is going to make a full-court press to end the filibuster, however.  Majority Leader Schumer may not get the support of his own party.  Democrats Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema may not cooperate with their leader.  They’ve stymied Schumer of the so-called “Build Back Better” bill.

There were some overtures by Republicans to have the two join the GOP.  A switch by even one would again give Republicans a slim majority.  Crapo explained those talks aren’t going well.

Crapo is a Fixture on Capitol Hill

The Senator was first elected in 1998 after having served three terms in the United States House of Representatives.

The Senator warns the longer Democrats keep control, they’ll attempt to pack the Supreme Court and have plans to make Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia states.  Any such move would add four liberals to the court and four Democrats to the Senate.

If you would like to contribute to the campaign, you can click here.  He also has a campaign Facebook presence.

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