The sad story of a dead Eastern Idaho policeman could’ve been even worse.  He was killed in Utah, where he had gone to confront an old girlfriend.  It’s a preliminary finding.  Worse because the woman and the new man in her life could’ve been killed.

I can’t presume to know what was on the mind of the off-duty officer but if he planned to drag her back to Idaho or even believed his tactics would win her heart, he likely was suffering from mental illness.  He carried a gun on his day job.  It shows how difficult it can be to identify people who are potential dangers to themselves or others.

It’s why I don’t support red flag laws.  They can be applied to innocent people by divorce lawyers or a neighbor with a vendetta and, yet.  I also believe in truth.

Do we need evidence of paranoia to suggest many believed it was a red flag proposal?

Marsy’s Law (which I don’t endorse) is impractical.  Rural prosecutors can’t afford to chase down victims who may have moved far away and sometimes left few details as to where they’ve gone.  On the other hand, to imply it’s a red flag bill is a stretch.  The Idaho Senate version has been re-written to make it clear nobody is coming for your guns.

Do we need evidence of paranoia to suggest many believed it was a red flag proposal?  Earlier this week I posted an opinion piece (I write opinion pieces and not news) and suggested some of the opposition was a fundraising effort by the gun lobby.  Some guy at the Second Amendment Alliance immediately said he was my target.  Is that paranoia?  I really hadn’t given much thought to any specific lobby, other than a lot of people give legislators an earful on the issue.

A couple of thoughts here.  State Senator Kelly Anthon supported Marsy’s Law and also is a gun enthusiast.  His political career is meteoric.  Many other gun owners have attacked his support of Marsy’s Law as a gun grab.  I don’t know about you but if I’m looking to have friends at the Legislature I wouldn’t alienate a fellow gun owner who soon could be the most powerful politician in the state.

Also, I probably wouldn’t attack a radio host who has given gun rallies plenty of publicity.  The equivalent in advertising would be thousands of dollars.  And I also created one of the few regular gun programs on commercial radio in Idaho.  So, go ahead.  Tick me off!

I can see why there is so much fear of a red flag law.  Judging by the emails I’m receiving some people in my opinion could well be judged unstable:

Mr. colley. Please apologize to every Idoho citizen and every American for not respecting the United States Constitution. Remember the same one that GIVES YOU TRHE RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH!

Thank you!


From: Dan
Sent: Thursday, February 28, 2019 5:43 PM
To: Bill Colley
Subject: Pot Shot

Before you use your bully pulpit to denigrate the ISAA behind its’ back, maybe you should see something regarding their concern’s with Marsy’s Law.

As You can see, we’re dealing with a crowd in need of anger management:

Thu 2/28/2019 5:48 PM


Bill Colley;



I would just like to reach to you and say that what you did today in Boise was dishonest and disgraceful to not only the folks who gathered in protest at the capitol but to the people of Idaho as well. I find your bias quite saddening. Why didn't you reach out to Mr. Pruett and the Idaho 2nd Amendment Alliance and ask for their side of the story regarding SJR101? Do you think it's fair to the people who listen to your show to only get one side of the story? Fake news... Fake news indeed. 


Many of these people believe they speak for everyone.  This is a sampling.  I’ve got more and expect more.  By the way, these people have plenty of platforms to get their views disseminated.  Internet, podcasts and email trees.  There is no broadcast Fairness Doctrine.  You can thank the late Ronald Reagan for its end.  And if you can’t separate news from opinion take it up with the schools where educators apparently failed in efforts at imparting critical thinking skills.

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