Do you compromise when it comes to political choices?  I do.  I’m sure when we criticize our elected politicians (especially those from our own party) we overlook the choices we made when we voted.  Yesterday I said I wouldn’t have an issue if U.S. Senator Mike Crapo was chosen by Donald Trump as a running mate.  Crapo, with the second highest ranking in the Senate from the American Conservative Union, isn’t every Republican’s cup-of-tea.  Some guy climbed down from Ruby Ridge and gave me grief because Crapo isn’t always in 100 percent agreement with the mountain man.  Yes, he has voted for some constitutionally dubious bills about national security following 9/11/2001.  As did most Senators and Representatives because they feared if they came across as weak on terrorism and another big attack followed they would be run out-of-town.  Maybe it’s because so few people called to say they would support a vote of no.


Others are unhappy with Crapo’s support of the Pacific trade deal which, by the way, would greatly benefit Idaho’s massive agri-business sector.  Will we back him if he turns away job growth?


Apparently a majority remains pleased with our 4 members of Idaho’s Washington contingent because they keep getting re-elected by wide margins.  Wide doesn’t do justice to the size of the vote totals.


So are voters aside from yourself idiots or is it possible they don’t all share your personal interests?  If you want someone you always agree with then why aren’t you running?


On the flip side if voters in your party overwhelmingly support Donald Trump, or at the state level a legislative candidate like Christy Zito, then I suspect party leaders need to respect the choices made by the public.  Some of our discussion is attached in the video below:

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