Plows are expensive, pallets are cheap, and snow does not remove itself.

Seriously - I went online to buy a plow for my truck and they are crazy expensive. The pallet on the other hand came free with some roofing material I bought last year. After the heavy snow we got last week, I really needed to clear my driveway. The problem I have is that my driveway is really big and gravel so I can't just shovel it. Plus, I'm too lazy for that.

My son was enjoying his snow day and looking bored so I asked him to come up with a way to clear the snow. I thought it would just be a time waster to keep him occupied, but his idea to put a pallet on the front of the truck intrigued me enough to actually try it. Surprisingly it worked!

Not surprisingly though, the pallet was destroyed after I finished the job. Luckily I have an old bedroom door in the garage I can try out next time it snows.

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