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Is there any longer room in America for personal responsibility?  Across the country we’re learning our conceptions of liberty may not match those of our elected leaders and the mainstream media.

Count me among the surprised last week when Idaho Governor Brad Little got on the shutdown bandwagon.  Governments telling Americans to stay home and closing businesses just doesn’t look like the country I know. 

some states have decided to opt of the economy killing measures

Over the weekend, I came across an essay from the President of the Idaho Freedom Foundation.  You can read it by clicking here.  IFF President Wayne Hoffman suggests the decision by the Governor doesn’t pass constitutional muster.

Hoffman joined us on-air and offered a detailed description of his argument.  You can listen by clicking on the YouTube video below.

Meanwhile, some states have decided to opt of the economy killing measures.  One is Georgia, where the Republican Governor is facing a barrage of media attacks.  Opponents in the press and in other political parties are sure to blame him for COVID-19 deaths and, yet.

If you click on this link you’ll discover the projections haven’t matched earlier warnings.  In fact, the doctor most cited by media in that state has backed off some of the earlier doom and gloom, however.  News media isn’t following the doctor’s latest estimates.

I’ve said I’m hopeful Governor Little didn’t react to criticism from collapsing print media.  The newspaper types appear willing to take the rest of us with them when they join the ranks of the jobless.  If they go to hell for their actions are we also expected to go along as company?

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