This is an exciting time for Twin Falls. The city is just days away from hosting its first ever BASE jumping world championship, and the word on the street is that a couple of new restaurants and a drive-through smoothie shop might be in the process of being constructed.

I am using the word "might," because getting official confirmation on new building projects can sometimes feel like waiting for Lassie to return with help. To avoid sounding embittered, let's just say those in the business of making these types of public announcements appear to do quite a bit of call dodging.

In recent days, there has been a lot of social media banter about three restaurants in particular, that may, or may not, be coming to Twin Falls. The idea of a Texas Roadhouse opening in town has been stirring up a great deal of brouhaha for weeks now. Most recently, I've been hearing about a new Jamba Juice drive-through and Red Lobster that are projected to begin construction soon.

Why do I think this? Apparently, a local higher-up with the juice and smoothie chain was making the rounds last week and getting to know his potential new neighbors on Cheney Drive. I personally know someone who was in the room at the time.

Greg Jannetta

This site near Canyon Ridge High School could include the future home of a Jamba Juice drive-through, according to what was said last week. There are reportedly multiple sites being considered.

That's brings us to the Red Lobster. A Twin Falls social media group site engaged in a recent lengthy communication about a very well known St. Louis, Missouri, beer vendor, that signed a contract with the fresh seafood chain for an upcoming Twin Falls location. The former A T & T building, at 1469 Pole Line Road, has been rumored to be a potential location for a Red Lobster. It makes perfect sense, and the parking lot could certainly accommodate.

Greg Jannetta