I like Johnny Cash.  However, I hope the guy who owns this pickup truck isn’t moving here from Montana. The truck was spotted late last week on Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls.  The Earth First and the dam-busting bumper stickers are a little over the top.  I’m saving the salmon.  Several are in my freezer and awaiting the grill!  As for Earth First, isn’t that a terrorist organization?  Or it was before Joe Biden started appointing radical environmentalists to positions running the Bureau of Land Management.  As Jim Risch told me a few weeks ago, that woman was on her way to prison before she saved herself by testifying against her radical cohorts.

Thirty years ago we knew who the bad guys were.  Today, the script has been flipped by mainstream media and the Deep State.

When I started working at Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KLIX eight and a half years ago, a caller joked there could be as many as 14 liberals in the Magic Valley.  He admitted he was exaggerating but then added that he wasn’t too far off the mark.

The valley has grown dramatically since then.  Many of the newcomers are rock-ribbed conservatives.  More people moving here means some are going to be championing left-wing causes.  Even with small numbers, they believe they must control how the rest of us live.  Be vigilant.

Just look at the Treasure Valley.  In 2012, Mitt Romney won two-thirds of the vote for President.  Now the city resembles Portland.

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