I understand the two college students who wrote the lyrics were expelled and exiled to the South Seas!  Maybe it worked in 1915 when people gathered around the piano with family and friends.  Most state songs from the olden days have a familiar ring.  I can’t tell much of a difference between My Old Kentucky Home (apparently racist according to liberal media) and Back Home in Indiana, which was popularized by a guy from Alabama!

Idaho’s state song is a product of its time, with words like rill falling out of common use about 1935.  I can picture the songwriters in their boater hats and red and white striped jackets.

What could replace Here We Have Idaho?  I suggest Reckless Kelly’s Idaho Cowboy.  I believe the up-tempo is a far better representation of the work ethic that makes the state an economic envy around the country.

The old song is more at home at an ice cream social, or just before dozing off for an afternoon nap.

I could see Governor Little leading a rousing rendition of Idaho Cowboy from the Capitol Rotunda in Boise.  When he’s in campaign mode or dressed for a fair, he looks much more like the character in the newer song.

I think he needs to weigh in on this heavy matter.  I’m not sure he could spur a legislative vote on the change, but maybe we could have more than one state song.  One for your grandmother, one for everyone else.  The change could be in place by July 3rd, 2025.

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