Twin Falls is known as a prime destination for BASE jumpers. The Perrine bridge is one of the few bridges in the world where you can legally do a parachute jump. Though, I don't know if this recent video of a jump, posted on YouTube, is technically legal.

BASE Jumping In Twin Falls

It takes a special type of person to want to jump from the Perrine Bridge. I get shaky just walking to the middle and looking over the edge. It takes a special type of person, on a whole different level, to do the BASE jump with flair. For some, it isn't enough to just jump from the bridge. Some jumpers feel the need to do it with flips, from the top of moving vehicles, and to pull the chute at the very last moment possible. Apparently though, there's another level of crazy that I didn't know about. In the YouTube video below, you'll see a jumper fling himself into the canyon, not from the bridge, but with a running start and off the edge of the Snake River Canyon.

Is Base Jumping Legal In Twin Falls

BASE jumps from the Perrine Bridge are legal in Twin Falls, but the video above from the In Christ Alone channel shows a jump that wasn't from the bridge. The video shows the man get a running start from the side of the canyon, with his chute already deployed and catching air and then making the jump. In 2019 there was a similar jump done from above the Perrine Coulee Falls, but in that jump he didn't get a running start.

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