The Grinch from Dr. Seuss has become a favorite across the nation. But now, there are multiple versions of our most beloved Christmas villain. What can you expect to be playing most in Idaho?

How Did the Grinch Get His Start?

In 1957, Dr. Seuss published How the Grinch Stole Christmas with illustrations containing 2 colors - red and black. Since publication, there have been 3 major video renditions of his story and a musical.

Traditionalists will always go for the original. Don’t get me wrong, the 26-minute animated movie is what started it all. It is a classic book with a heartfelt theme put to animation narrated by Boris Karloff and sung by Thurl Ravenscroft, the actor who voiced Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes. Without these pioneers paving the way, there would not be full-length movies for later generations to enjoy.

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In 2000, Jim Carrey was cast to bring the Christmas character to life. His particular style gave a more loveable twist to the Grinch. This rendition portrayed him as more of a tragic victim who made the best of a bad situation than a classic villain. The Grinch you love to hate, or maybe hate to love. Either way, it updated the store for a new generation.

Most recently, another trip to Whoville brought us back to animation with a full-length story of The Grinch in 2018. This most recent rendition is funny for kids and adults alike. People who grew up on the original can enjoy the memory and new viewers can be introduced to the updated animation.

Which Grinch Movie is Idaho’s Favorite?

But which version will be on most Idaho view histories this Christmas? Taking a look at Google Trends, Sell Easy has it all put together for us.

Credit Sell Easy/Canva
Credit Sell Easy/Canva

Idaho opts for the 2018 version along with 14 other states. The 2000 remake of the classic takes another 18 states, and the classic 1966 version takes the other 18 states left. That’s a pretty even distribution. Perhaps there is such equality between the different versions it can be a cold war of Christmas, a stalemate of Grinch grumpiness, or a final agree to disagree of movie preference.

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