There are some people in politics and they’re very sensitive to news media.  They worry about public image and fear media’s ability to frame a discussion.  Janice McGeachin isn’t among them.  She seems to like fencing with liberals writing news copy.  She also appears to relish her role as an insurgent candidate for Governor of Idaho.  The current Lt. Governor says she didn’t set out seeking the state’s top executive seat.

she explained she found plenty of alternative sources for getting out a message.  Talk radio being one

When I first met her back in 2015, she had been pondering a challenge against Mike Simpson for U.S. House of Representatives.  She decided against it and instead focused on her family businesses in Idaho Falls.

Then one day she told me she planned to run for Lt. Governor.  There were five Republicans competing in the primary.  She won a plurality.  She quickly gained a reputation as a constitutionalist and wasn’t shy about supporting like-minded others.  News media cried “extremist”.  She never once groveled before journalists and begged forgiveness.  I didn’t see it as a strategy at the time.  In retrospect, she picked up on the public’s distrust of newsmen and women.

On my radio program, she explained she found plenty of alternative sources for getting out a message.  Talk radio being one.  Last week she appeared on Tucker Carlson Tonight on the Fox News Channel.  She was featured in a story by a British publication.  The subject being the changing face of Idaho politics.

If you missed her most recent appearance on Newsradio 1310 KLIX and 96.1 FM, you can click on the video below.  We expect to hear more from her before the primary in May 2022.

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