JEROME, Idaho (KLIX) The City of Jerome has asked citizens to help keep storm drains clear to avoid flooding as snow melts.

The City Manager Mike Williams sent out information telling residents to help keep city drainage systems clear. The city has reminded people living in Jerome not to pile snow from driveways and walkways onto gutters or the roadway which can clog drains. The city provided a reference map showing were all drains are located by a red dot.

The city noted that newer neighborhoods do not have storm drains, but instead use storm water retention ponds. Williams says the goal is too keep water moving to avoid major flooding. City crews have been working to keep water moving in the right direction.

If your storm drain is covered by too much ice and snow or you notice water is accumulating, please call our Public Works Department at 324-9669 for assistance.

Click on the link below for the storm drain reference map: StormDrains Map

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