Jerome County is joining Twin Falls County.  Commissioners north of the river are in agreement with a resolution last week passed by their counterparts south of the river.  It’s a document affirming local government won’t cooperate with any federal attempts to violate constitutional rights.

Jerome County Commissioners expressed enthusiasm for the idea several weeks ago.

The movement began as an effort to re-affirm a commitment to the Second Amendment.  The word “sanctuary” is avoided because it has been used in some coastal cities where federal law and the constitution are repudiated.  Twin Falls expanded the notion beyond gun rights.  County Prosecuting Attorney Grant Loebs explained to me it’s because the First Amendment is also under attack by culture warriors.

Twin Falls City Council is taking public comment on the issue at its March 15th meeting.

Jerome County Commissioners expressed enthusiasm for the idea several weeks ago.  The three member board wanted to see the final draft of the resolution.

Jerome County Commissioner Charles Howell joined Newsradio 1310 KLIX and gave some background about the decision.  He gave considerable credit to his two colleagues, Ben Crouch and John Crozier.  All three also looked at a similar resolution from the City of Pocatello.

While many say the resolution is redundant, keep in mind there’s a reason these decisions are big news.  It’s a message to anyone in the federal bureaucracy.  It very simply says any attempts to confiscate firearms and crush other liberties is likely to be met with resistance.  You can hear our conversation with Commissioner Howell below.  Many other counties across Idaho are going to follow the movement.


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