The Jerome High School cheer team earned their spot among the top cheer teams in the nation at the USA National Cheer Competition. The ranked 5th among all the competing teams in the Co-Ed Varsity Show Cheer Intermediate category. The USA Spirit Nationals 2020 happened February 14-16 in Anaheim, California.

Their road to victory and national recognition wasn't easy and even included some unexpected changes just moments before their performances. According to the Times-News, the Jerome cheer team was told just an hour before performing that one of their stunts would be against the rules and they needed to change it. The girls learned a new routine in that short time and it was enough to wow the judges. This was the first showing for the team at the USA Nationals event. Just days before the competition they competed at their local district cheer competition and scored first place in a number of categories.

Full results for the 2020 USA Spirit Nationals can be found at the Varsity TV website. They also have the teams' performances you can watch. Performance from day one can be found here and the performance from day two is here. Note: there is no audio in the videos due to copyright restrictions.

Good job and congrats to all on the team. I can't jump, back-flip, and can barely do a cartwheel. While everything I know about cheer is from the Cheer Squad show my kids used to watch, I know that ranking top in the nation is an amazing thing to do.

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