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Even some of her fellow Republicans don’t like State Representative Heather Scott, however.  She’s getting praise from one of America’s most respected, if not most respected, conservative journals.

A writer at National Review is behind a bill sponsored by the Representative from rural District 1 in North Idaho.  Scott believes Idaho needs to make it clear the state won’t engage in affirmative action (sometimes called set-asides or quotas) when it comes to contracts, employment or education. 

Scott believes Idaho needs to make it clear the state won’t engage in affirmative action

National Review points out several other states have made this move, some of them very liberal.  The liberal states did it while still conservative or through initiative and referendum.  The federal government could pick up on this as well but hasn’t.

Scott has recently been afflicted by liberal media.  A publication in neighboring Washington State profiled her relationships with constitutionalists in neighboring states.  Apparently she’s guilty of having friends.

The publication cited her visit with a multi-state legislative delegation to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge in winter 2016.  At the time it was occupied by land rights activists associated with Ammon Bundy.  Buried in the story is the detail one of the legislators negotiated an end to the occupation.  How dare they bring it to a conclusion!!!

Attacks by liberal media have no impact on conservative voters.  Scott is already a lock for re-election and picks up another 100 votes with every liberal media type telling the rest of us how we need to vote.

This week I made an anecdotal observation.  As mainstream media becomes shriller, the Idaho Legislature appears to be moving from center-right to more conservative.  The advancement of Scott’s bill represents Republican Legislators becoming more attuned to constituents.

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