Having any Sunday football parties this season? If your answer is yes, or you just love your KFC chicken wings, you'll be very interested in this deal.

KFC is hoping to attract football fans with their chicken wing "Seasoned Tickets", according to AdAge. The fast food retailer announced that for $75, 500 buyers can get a special wing deal for 10 weeks.

For the first nine weeks, they'll get a free 48-piece wing order. In the 10th week, they get a "Double Wing Bonus" and a free 96-piece wing order.

Tickets can be bought at StubHub. The deal is meant to coincide with football season, and the ad features "Colonel Sanders" in a football uniform.

KFC seems to be eager to focus on wings, as its competitors have been instead pushing chicken sandwiches.

Again, this deal is only for the first 500 buyers to get the ticket. Think you'll make the cut? I know Keke is going to try!

Think this Seasoned Ticket will sell out as fast as The Olive Garden sells out of their unlimited pasta ticket? We'll see!

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