He’s among America’s best known Christian actors.  Kirk Cameron grew up on a TV show, playing Mike Seaver on Growing Pains.  Much of his current work is in Christian cinema.  A sister, Candace Cameron Bure, also very much puts her faith above her acting work.

While both are still active in Hollywood, they take their Christian message and fellowship on the road.  Kirk is coming to Twin Falls for an appearance on October 4th at Twin Falls Reformed Church.  The church is the massive structure at the southwestern corner of Pole Line Road and Grandview Drive (where some of us also vote on Election Day).

Tickets are available through Eventbrite.

Cameron will talk about marriage and parenting between 7 and 10 p.m.  There are also other opportunities to meet and greet the actor.  These will cost you some money but it propels his ministry.

Cameron and his family can be considered outliers in Hollywood.  He doesn’t sweat the description, saying it only matters what God thinks of his work.  Members of the Cameron family are pro-life, also an unusual stance to take in the entertainment community.  It puts them on a shortlist and may also have cost them work on other projects on TV and in movies.

Cameron is likely to find a much more receptive audience in Twin Falls.  A friend once half-jokingly referred to the Magic Valley as the Bible Belt of the Mountain West.

The program at Twin Falls Reformed Church is officially called Kirk Cameron’s Living Room Reset.  The idea is to again get families to spend some time with each other instead of electronic screens.

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