Last night was likely last night for members of the “Occupy Boise” protest to camp out on state property across from the Idaho Statehouse.  The House on Friday passed emergency legislation to remove the protesters from their encampment.


The group's been camped out there since November, protesting what they call corruption and greed of America's wealthiest one percent. The bill now goes to Governor Otter's desk for his approval. Otter has said in the past he will sign the bill. The emergency clause of the legislation means as soon as Otter signs the bill, the protestors must leave. Spencer Zachel with Occupy says even though lawmakers voted against the camp the movement itself will continue.  “Occupy Boise” has prided itself on remaining peaceful for the more than three months they've been at their encampment.     The legislation gives the protestors 90 days to gather any abandoned property after their exit.

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