This is not the first time that there has been an effort to legalize marijuana on a national level. Idaho does not allow medicinal or recreational use of the substance. All the states around Idaho have officially legalized it in some way. So I am curious if the substance is legalized on a federal level would it change the minds of the Idahoans who are against it.

I have seen more and more support for legalizing marijuana on social media and other platforms from Idahoans. That being said, it isn't on a ballot to vote for. So I am curious if marijuana was legalized for recreational purposes on a national level if it would change your opinion on it? I want to hear from people who are for it and against it because it is always good to see everyone's perspective.

Some of the arguments for legalization is that money could go towards local schools, kind of like the lottery. On a medicinal level, it has been said to help cancer patients and other illnesses. Some of those against it are afraid that it will cause more accidents, it may make the area smell poorly, it is hard to control.

I see both sides of the argument. I will not share my views because, honestly, no one cares what I think and I want to hear from the people that have the most passionate feelings toward the issue.

Also, please be nice to one another, everyone is allowed to have an opinion.

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