Some national media has learned what I already knew; a lot of Idahoans really like marijuana.  You may recall a couple of years ago I visited Ontario, Oregon.  This was shortly after recreational marijuana was approved across the state line.  I crossed the bridge and stopped at a shop named Weedology.  There were 40 cars in the lot.  Three had Oregon plates.  One vehicle was from a western Canadian province and the remaining 36 were all from Idaho.  The waiting room was packed as people filled out orders.  It looked like a doctor’s waiting room.

The city eventually expects to generate more than 120 million dollars in revenue.

Politico recently sent a reporter to Ontario for a look around.

Same conclusion.  Most buyers are from Idaho’s Treasure Valley.  The city eventually expects to generate more than 120 million dollars in revenue.  Which will dwarf Oregon’s statewide revenue last year from sales of smoke.

This often fires up talk for legalization in Idaho.

Here’s the thing, though.  There’s a very profitable casino in Jackpot, Nevada.  Or it was before the pandemic!  If Idaho suddenly decided to build casinos in Twin Falls, Shoshone and Burley, then the gambling revenue is diluted.

It’s like being the first guy to build a gas station at an unoccupied intersection.  You do very well.  Until competitors arrive on the other three corners.

I’m not saying Idaho will remain a recreational pot holdout but there’s a new wrinkle.  It’s going to delay eventual legalization here at least a decade.  It would most likely happen through an Election Day referendum and a new law in Idaho is going to make it much more difficult to gather the needed signatures.

Please drive safely coming back from Ontario.  It’s wisest not to use the product while traveling at 80 miles per hour on the Interstate.


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