Leave it to liberals in the news media to engage in scatology.  I read a column by Kevin Richert at Idaho Capital Sun and got the impression he was talking about a need for Viagra.  You can see his column by clicking here.  Multiple times he references “hardline” or “hardliner”.  He’s referring to the new Freedom Caucus members who won Republican primaries for state legislature.  As opposed to the “moderates” (the word for “fellow traveler” in newsrooms).  Some of whom went down in flames.

Keep in mind, news media wouldn’t call the venomous and now dead Iranian President a “hardliner”, even though he presided over the killings of tens of thousands of people.

Meanwhile, the people he fears after the primary are people who go to church, take the Word seriously, and have made some sacrifices.  One of the “hardliners” from Twin Falls is a disabled war veteran.  Another was a wildland firefighter.    Up in the central highlands, “hardliner” Christy Zito reclaimed an old seat.  She ran a farm and raised kids after being left a single parent.

Liberal media deluded itself.  For years reporters have claimed Idaho isn’t as conservative as the Freedom Caucus.   After all, when you spend all your after-hours slurping Cabernet with your own, how would you know the difference?  The columnist Randy Stapilus once told me Idaho was more moderate, and then an election in the panhandle proved him wrong.  “I was misinformed,” was his reply.  Maybe if he lived here instead of in western Oregon…

Could he lose any credibility if he made his location apparent?

As I said in a previous post, the banshees will wail even louder for open primaries.  They can’t win by current rules, so they demand we move the goalposts.  Here’s a better idea.  Randy has a great view.  Why don’t they join him?  We’ll take 13 counties in exchange.

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