I don’t know how I missed this one.  This was posted a year and a half ago.  The writer takes issue with farming practices in my corner of Idaho.  One of the comments was about the use of a product sold commercially as Roundup.  I’ve been told that Twin Falls County uses more Roundup per capita than anywhere else in the United States.  Which doesn’t surprise me.  We are making a desert bloom.

Our Soil Needs All the Help it Can Get

Several years ago, I was out taking some pictures of rolling farmland south of Twin Falls city.  A local rancher stopped and we got to talking I mentioned 400 acres was considered a decent-sized family farm back east.  His family owns more than 3,200 acres.  “It’s because the soil is more efficient in the east,” he explained.  More land is needed to coax crops here.  Weed killers and fertilizers also play an important role.

I gather from an almost 18-month-old post that the writer isn’t impressed by modern farming practices here in the valley.

Outsiders Often Play the Roll of Scolds

The writers aren’t residents.  Or weren’t at the time of writing.  They appear to be promoting a style of agriculture that simply can’t feed the planet’s current human hordes.  They argue we need to save the planet.  We argue we need to save humanity.  I’m not going to offer much on the looks of the writers, but people with jewelry hanging from their noses…

How do they blow their horns when they’ve got a cold?

Roundup Gets a Bad Rap

Glyphosate, or Roundup, became a bogeyman on the left.  A groundskeeper in California won a major lawsuit after becoming severely ill while using the product.  While I pray and feel for those afflicted with cancer, I’m told the guy was practically bathing in the chemicals.  The liability would then be on the shoulders of an employer who didn’t issue safety practices.  If the employer did explain right and wrong, then I guess the cancer victim was irresponsible.

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