Technology is great and it puts (almost) all the information of the world at our fingertips in a matter of moments. That part is really cool. The part that isn't cool is when you get your search results and find yourself scrolling through pages of irrelevant information and bogus stories before you find something worth your time. I just learned something and I think it will change my life! When I search for 'How To Make A Superhero Costume' I'll get a YouTube result along with a few Wikihow, an Instructables article, and a random post from Country Living. The good news is you can get rid of those search results that you know are garbage by simply typing your search then a Space and Minus Sign then the site or keyword you want removed. ex costume -countryliving

Using Minus On Google Searches

That little minus sign is pretty powerful in searches because you can also use it to narrow searches down if you know where you read the story. All you have to do is remove the Space before the keyword and it will show you posts from that site first. ex Shoshone Falls-KOOL 965

Tech FTW!  This works with basically anything so if you know you read a story somewhere and can't find it now. Use the info above and be amazed.