I wouldn't be able to describe Idaho in one word. There's just too much here to blanket with just one word. Good thing a picture paints a thousand words and this one picture paints what the internet calls Idaho 'perfectly portrayed by one photograph'. Before we get to the actual picture they chose, it probably isn't what you'd think. Maybe they would go they easy way and post a picture of a pile of potatoes or a dairy farm. Nope. Their 'one photograph' choice is actually pretty funny.

At Lifestyle A2Z they posted a picture of a blank upcoming attractions road sign. This is funny because the rest of the world doesn't think there is anything going on in Idaho. Some people don't even believe we exist. So, a sign saying there is nothing to do here is pretty spot on to someone who doesn't live here. The website even thought our description picture was so perfect they used it as the main photo at the top of their story.

Idaho Attractions credit Google Street
Idaho Attractions credit Google Street

But for those who do live here, maybe we should be happy the rest of the states think we are lame. Some are already catching on that Idaho is awesome and are moving here by the the thousands each year.

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The Lifestyle A2Z website did get in a good potato joke for our state though. As they made fun of the lack of attractions on the sign they were surprised there wasn't a potato hanging from the sign.

If you had to describe Idaho in a picture what would it be?

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