TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) A Magic Valley man has been recognized for saving a young boy from being hit by traffic on a busy roadway in Twin Falls last month. Twin Falls County Sheriff Tom Carter awarded Mike Coonce with the Good Citizen Life Saving honor Wednesday morning in front of friends, sheriff's deputies and the life he saved, 5-year-old Chance McGrath. Chance's father, Jon McGrath, said the boy had been playing in a park next to their home when he didn't come back June 11. The family then began frantically searching for the child, whose bike had been found in a nearby field. At around 7 p.m. Coonce was headed to his own son's ball game on Pole Line Road when he noticed cars swerving around something ahead of him. Even though the sun had been in his eyes Coonce could see the legs of the young boy running across the roadway.

From left to right: Deputy Neil Schulz holding Chance McGrath, Chance's father Jon McGrath, Mike Coonce.

Immediately Coonce stopped in time and created a barrier between the boy and other traffic; Coonce jumped out of his vehicle and grabbed MGrath, who was visibly shaken up, and put him in his pickup. Coonce told News Radio 1310 that not one person had stopped before he did, except for a woman who turned around and went back to ask if everything was OK and went on. Deputy Neil Schulz, who is a neighbor to the McGraths, had been searching for Chance and pulled up. Jon McGrath said his family will always be thankful to Coonce.