I know this may be considered anathema, but I’ve visited McCall and could’ve been more impressed.  I didn’t overnight.  Just passing through.  I did stop and take several photographs.  It was an early July morning and downtown it was very quiet.  Now, if you have a place there, I’m sure it’s much more enjoyable.  On the other hand, if I wanted a variety of restaurants and shops, Coeur d’Alene would offer considerably more opportunities. 

ou can soak at Gold Fork Hot Springs for only 10 dollars a day

On the positive side for McCall, if I wanted a much quieter existence, it would be my choice over the larger Coeur d’Alene.  But not in winter.  I no longer suffer snow well.  And if you really want isolation, there are cabin rentals in all sorts of places across Idaho.  Many at a better price.

A website called travelawaits.com recommends McCall for a long weekend and at any time of year.  You can read the details by clicking here.

I noticed there is a picture included with the story and it recommends kayaking on a warm summer day.  It also appears the people in the picture aren’t wearing life vests. On a public waterway it could cost you a stiff fine.

Oh, I just saw on the webpage you can soak at Gold Fork Hot Springs for only 10 dollars a day.  That’s more to my liking but I do worry other tourists would try and paint Goodyear on my sides. Or, if I was getting out of the pool, I fear they would try and cover me in towels and roll me back in!

Maybe summer of 2022.

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