Maybe we need to have people pass IQ tests before admission to Yellowstone National Park.  Last week, a family got out of its car to get a closer look at a young grizzly bear.  The animal was incredibly curious, and after approaching another car, approached the family.  They managed to get inside, close, and lock the doors just as the animal arrived.  Then it climbed on the hood of the car.  Is it possible people have been feeding the brown beast and the grizzly expected another meal?

We're Killing the Animals

Remember, an acclimated bear is a dead bear.  Just last week, Idaho Fish and Game killed two grizzly bears in Island Park.  The bears had acclimated to people and that poses a danger.  If you don’t have food, the bear could decide to make a meal out of you!

I read a story about last week’s encounter in Yellowstone and it appears after the bear left the nervous family alone that it stalked off after more MENSA rejects posing as tourists who had gotten out of their cars.

Dummies Should Stay Home

Maybe this idiocy has been going on for years and we simply didn’t know because people didn’t have cellphone cameras.  Social media may be emboldening the dummies among our species.

Sadly, the park is there to educate and allow us to observe animals in their true environment.  Then we come along and alter normal and some of the creatures have to pay with their lives because so many people are complete jackasses.

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