Syndicated newspaper columnist Michelle Malkin is tearing a new posterior for some Twin Falls politicians.  In a column about the June 2nd sexual assault of a 5-year-old-girl, the writer alleges a cover-up and the dragging of feet during the investigation.  I like Malkin and friends and I once dined with her, but I disagree about any cover-up.  The nature of the alleged attack and the ages of the children involved require some serious investigation and that doesn’t happen overnight.  I’m sharing a video of my thoughts from today’s edition of Top Story.  Additionally, a caller references a video recorded by some of the children of the actual alleged crime.  A caller and the host speculated on the content.  Prosecutor Grant Loebs explains the video doesn’t show anyone removing the victim’s clothes and it doesn’t show anyone urinating on the little girl.  I cite this because it tells you how far off the rails we can get when we speculate.  If anyone is looking out for the young victim in this community, it’s police and Prosecutor acting as advocates.  By the way, Mr. Loebs tells me the columnist, Michelle Malkin and/or her staff, didn’t make any effort to personally telephone him with any questions.  The video from today’s edition of Top Story follows:

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