Do you think liberals know they’re abnormal?  Last week I shared a link in a post from the Media Research Center.  It featured scenes of men walking women in a park.  The women were on leashes and on their hands and knees.  They were barking at each other.  I suggested our culture had jumped the shark.  The following day, this was in my email inbox from a writer in southern California:

Bill, I came across your narrow minded, fear mongering trash opinion this morning…shame on you for spreading division and hate for “others.” You choose to bully those different than you, inflating fears you have in your head, ignoring on-line porn, porn shops, and things we endure as a city or culture, while taking aim at your fellow human beings. You ARE the maggot — and I look forward to a day when out of shape and out of touch media clowns like yourself are thrown out with the other trash hiding behind “religious” doctrine and an us-vs-them POV that panders to the ignorant and misinformed. The real irony is that people like you are the genuine threat to a better country —and world. Roman debauchery indeed. You’re a fool. 

These people have had a break from reality.  China is ready to call our note and the left in America obsesses with and defends debauchery.

This week I wrote a story about electric vehicles.  I linked to a piece about a guy who was on a waiting list for three years for an electric truck.  He paid nearly $90,000 for it when the vehicle arrived.  Then it got stuck in some heavy snow and died.  The towing bill was in excess of $2,000.  He’s planning a return to an internal combustion engine.

His story brought this response to my email overnight:

Regarding your recent scare headline “ Even More Evidence Against Driving an Electric Car in Idaho”, I am searching for any information about EVs in Idaho.  I don’t find any references at all to Idaho, but instead a single example from 2000 miles away.  

Forgive me, but you don’t really think this was a real news article, do you?  It seems you’re pandering to the lowest common denominators, and I suppose you need to find something, ANYTHING to get them riled up.  

You seem to claim to be Christian, but I doubt Jesus would be proud of you today.  

It isn’t about environmental concerns, it’s the fact that we have cheap energy available vs the ever soaring cost of fuel.  EVs have more torque, longevity, and cheaper repair costs than most ICE engines.  

These people are living in an alternate universe and it’s a fantasy world.

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