A dog from Texas who has been stranded in Wendell, Idaho will be returning home soon thanks to the generosity of Idaho citizens.  Earlier this month, a fatal car accident claimed the lives of Max's owners, who were traveling through the area from Killeen, Texas on their way to Washington. Somehow, Max survived the crash and the surviving family in Texas wanted him back.

Wendell Animal Control was faced with the challenge of trying to help figure out how to get Max home. State agencies weren't inclined to pay the cost of travel, which came in at about $650. Max's family found themselves burdened with funeral costs following their loss and were having a hard time coming up with the money.

Stephanie Hendrix with Wendell City Animal Control began accepting donations on youcaring.com and soon found that not only had she reached the goal but exceeded the amount needed by several hundred dollars.

Wendell Animal Control says that the family has requested the additional funds that came in be used towards helping other animals in need.

Wendell Animal Control Facebook Screencap