PARMA, Idaho (KLIX) More birds have died from an outbreak of avian cholera near Parma this week. State wildlife officials say they've estimated upwards of 4,200 dead birds have been found since early February. In a news release Idaho Department of Fish and Game says the outbreak began on private land and killed mainly ducks, but some geese and other birds have died as well.

Volunteers have helped Fish and Game pick up and bury the dead birds on the Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area. Officials say covering the birds will help prevent, or reduce, the continued spread of the outbreak. “We’re trying to minimize the impact,” said Tyler Archibald, Fish and Game habitat biologist at Fort Boise Wildlife Management Area.

The bacteria caused disease is spread by dead or dying birds, but is not considered a major threat to humans. Fish and Game says avian cholera is common in the state, but this case is larger-than-usual.  "Outbreaks of avian cholera have occurred annually in the area over the past decade," Archibald said.

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