We have talked about this a couple of times but we are so excited we have to announce updates on the Twin Falls Zoological Center's project coming to the Magic Valley mall this spring. Progress is being made but you can also help them out.

The Twin Falls Zoological Center Is In The Process Of Creating A Zoo

The Twin Falls Zoological Center is a non-profit wildlife sanctuary this is working on educating people about the creatures all around us. They hope that people will learn to conserve and protect the animals around us. The project has been years in the making and now the sanctuary plans on opening a conservation and education center in the Magic Valley Mall this spring.

The Twin Falls Zoological Center Animals You Can See And Learn About

There are over 70 different species that are going to be part of the Twin Falls Zoo. Tortoises, snakes, other reptiles, emus, and other birds are just part of the list. If you check out their gallery there are creatures that I have never seen before on there. Apparently, they offer limited, but some, adoptions.

How You Can Help The Twin Falls Zoo Get Up And Running

Right now the Twin Falls Zoological Center is looking for sponsors. These sponsorships help with any vet bills for the year, help build and maintain the habitat enclosures, and more. You can also purchase season passes to the zoo and go and check it out whenever you want. They are also looking for volunteers. If you are knowledgeable and love animals they want you. You can get more details on their website.

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